Lecture on 3Rs (replacement-reduction-refinement) of animal experiments

New lecture on the implementation of the 3R principle (replacement – reduction – replacement of animal experiments)
University of Vienna, Austria, VO 322087

Contents of the course include:

  • Introduction into the 3Rs world and concept, reproducibility crisis of biomedical science
  • Examples of in vitro alternatives, 2D-3D in vitro model systems, normal / tumor cell model systems
  • Good cell culture practice, risk assessment and quality control testing
    Improved preclinical imaging and application for refinement and reduction
  • Good animal experimentation practice
  • iLegal and ethical requirements

The speakers are Winfried Neuhaus, Christian Studenik, Beate Rinner, Regina Grillari, Birgit Reininger-Gutmann, Roberto Plasenzotti, Doris Willingseder)