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ordering and shipment

ordering process

You can browse our homepage without prior registration or log-in. If you have identified the product of your interest, please proceed as described in the following.
If you have already established a customer account, please log-in directly.

Ready-to-use extracellular vesicles and cell culture media are sold as consumables.
Customers must agree to our General Terms and Conditions.
We encourage all potential customers to order via our online shop, which requires registration (as guest or log-in).

Evercyte cell lines are licensed out to our customers, whereby the license conditions depend on whether the contract person is a for profit or
nonprofit organization.
Please follow the link “ordering now”, which will provide additional information on our licensing conditions.

nonprofit organizations

We encourage all scientists to order via our online shop.
Ordering requires agreement on our General Terms and Conditions and our Material Transfer Agreement.

for-profit / industry and CRO

Please contact us directly for provision of ordering documents and information on licensing conditions. After mutual signing of the licensing agreement and payment of the initial license fee, the cells are dispatched.

for-profit / industry and CRO

Please contact us directly for provision of ordering documents and information on licensing conditions. After mutual signing of the licensing agreement and payment of the initial license fee, the cells are dispatched.

shipment and delivery

Evercyte products are shipped by a courier (e.g. FedEx) using Incoterms 2021, FCA Leberstraße 20, 1110 Vienna, Austria; generally our products are transferred to our customers within 3 weeks of placing the order. During holiday periods, delivery of products can take up to 6 weeks.

To ensure that the material arrives safely before weekends, it is dispatched on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Cell cultures, extracellular vesicles and most cell culture media supplements (as part of media) are shipped frozen on dry ice. Basal media (as part of media) and ready-to-use media are shipped at 4°C. For shipments outside of Europe we use the FedEx Priority Alert Plus Service which ensures that dry ice is refilled when needed.

People who work with our cells must follow national regulations and safety precautions. The laboratories must be equipped with a security level according to the classification of the cells / products. Evercyte assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, handling or the consequences of improper use of our products.


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Why is an MTA important?2021-03-27T06:17:04+00:00

The MTA explains the rights and duties of the Licensee, including the responsibility to properly handle, use and dispose of the Biological Material according to applicable laws and regulations.

The MTA protects the rights of Evercyte from claims relating to the use, handling, storage and disposal of the Biological Material(s).
The MTA prevents uncontrolled distribution of the Biological Material(s). Biological Material(s) are for research purposes only and shall not be passed on to third parties. Biological Material(s) shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes or utilized in any other type of commercial activity.
The MTA protects the rights of the Licensee by offering the terms of a warranty, which guarantees that if the received Biological Material(s) are not viable, Licensee is entitled to a price reduction or replacement at Evercyte’s sole option.
Appropriate reference shall be made in any ensuing publication(s), crediting Evercyte as supplier. No alteration may be made to Evercyte titles or acronyms.
It is understood that Evercyte does not accept any liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, handling, storage or use of the Biological Material(s).
Licensee accepts all conditions of ordering, delivery and payment of Evercyte.

What are Incoterms?2021-03-27T06:18:57+00:00

Incoterms are standardized international delivery clauses that serve as a contract between seller and buyer. They include all tasks, risks and costs associated with the worldwide movement of goods and are considered to be the most important trading conditions.

What does Incoterm FCA mean?2021-03-27T06:19:42+00:00

FCA means “free carrier”. The seller must make the goods available at his own risk and expense on his property or at an agreed location. In both cases, the seller is responsible for clearing the goods for export. The seller does not assume the costs and the risk of the main transport. When the goods are handed over to the carrier, the costs and the risk of the main transport are transferred to the buyer.

When will I receive my order?2022-12-05T08:22:34+00:00

The products will be transferred to our customers within 3 weeks of placing the order. Due to X-Mas Holidays temporarily extended up to 6 weeks.

How can I place an order?2021-03-27T06:26:37+00:00
Nonprofit organizations

We encourage our customers to use our online shop for placing orders, whereby credit card and invoice payments are possible. Please follow the link Ordering now to place an order.

For profit organizations: please Get in touch

Why is it necessary to acquire a license instead of buying a cell line?2021-03-27T06:27:34+00:00

Evercyte cell lines can be grown without limitations; in contrast to primary human cells these cells can be used for an unlimited period of time and you do not have to buy new cells regularly. Therefore, our cells are not sold, but licensed out to our customers.
Employees of nonprofit organizations can use our cells in form of a license for an unlimited period of time. For profit organizations have to renew the license annually.

Do I have to purchase Evercyte cell culture media as well?2021-03-27T06:31:29+00:00

No, customers do not have to order the cell culture media at Evercyte as well. However, we recommend to strictly adhere to the cultivation conditions as described in our product data sheets, which can be downloaded from our website. Our protocols describe in detail the composition of the recommended cell culture media and culture conditions.

Can I order a second vial from a specific cell line? How much are the costs?2023-02-15T20:23:51+00:00

The license for a cell line includes a vial of the respective cell culture containing between 3 and 10 x 10e5 cells. For each additional vial we charge 1200 EUR. Additional vials can be ordered from our online shop.

What are the shipping costs?2021-07-01T11:01:45+00:00

The costs depend on the country to which the cells are to be sent. For further information read our delivery- & shipping conditions.


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