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Primary cells to be immortalized

Please note: Evercyte does not offer the immortalization of e.g., blood cells, hepatocytes, neuronal cells.
In these cases, we can offer the development of induced pluripotent stem cells which can be differentiated into any cell type.
Any information on the cell type you are interested in is helpful.

Information on cell type

Information on in vitro culture (if available)

protocols for cultivation available
protocols for gene transfer available
growth properties

Primary cells

Primary cells derived from customer?

If yes, please answer the following questions:

ethical approval in place?
biosafety level (BSL)
freedom from mycoplasma contaminations proven
sterility tests performed
STR profile of normal cells available
human pathogenic viruses present

Life span extension – immortalization

Please note: Evercyte is specialized on using telomerase reactivation for life span extension; however, for some cells it is necessary to introduce additional genes (e.g., cell cycle regulators, viral oncogenes) for full immortalization. Non-viral gene transfer methods are preferred.

Successful immortalization of requested cell type described?
Do you have any preference on immortalization strategy?
Can you accept viral gene transfer methods?
Isolation of individual clones requested?


Please specify the degree of characterization that you are interested in. Included in all studies: mycoplasma tests, monitoring morphology, growth for 10 population doublings post transfection / selection.

Testing expression of cell type specific markers
Testing functional properties
mRNA sequencing (NGS)
Analysis of expression of specific genes
Analysis of expression of specific proteins
STR profiling of primary cells (if applicable)
STR profiling of engineered / immortalized cells
Sterility testing (bacteria, fungi)
Presence of human pathogenic viruses (HIV, HAV, HBV, HCV, ParvoB19)
Longevity studies (growth for up to PD50)



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