The MTA explains the rights and duties of the Licensee, including the responsibility to properly handle, use and dispose of the Biological Material according to applicable laws and regulations.

The MTA protects the rights of Evercyte from claims relating to the use, handling, storage and disposal of the Biological Material(s).
The MTA prevents uncontrolled distribution of the Biological Material(s). Biological Material(s) are for research purposes only and shall not be passed on to third parties. Biological Material(s) shall not be sold or used for commercial purposes or utilized in any other type of commercial activity.
The MTA protects the rights of the Licensee by offering the terms of a warranty, which guarantees that if the received Biological Material(s) are not viable, Licensee is entitled to a price reduction or replacement at Evercyte’s sole option.
Appropriate reference shall be made in any ensuing publication(s), crediting Evercyte as supplier. No alteration may be made to Evercyte titles or acronyms.
It is understood that Evercyte does not accept any liability whatsoever in connection with the receipt, handling, storage or use of the Biological Material(s).
Licensee accepts all conditions of ordering, delivery and payment of Evercyte.